Jakarta Reduces Audience Capacity at Music Concerts to 70%

November 24, 2022
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© Teddy Yang / Pexels

The Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Authority capped the audience capacity at music concerts to 70% in a new regulation to ensure safety.

Head of the Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Office Andhika Permata said the rule will provide a safety benchmark for organizers “to present a safe and conducive concert.”

The new decree – included in Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) Level 1 against COVID-19 in the tourism sector – states that a limited audience capacity will be an additional requirement mandatory for music events. 

In addition to the 70% maximum capacity rule, Jakarta’s provincial government introduced a new curfew regulation for music concerts, which limits the event hours from 11 AM to 12 AM. 

Organizers must also complete a recommendation letter from the COVID-19 Task Force, a Temporary Performance Registration Mark (TDPT), and a crowd permit from the police. 

The use of COVID-19 tracking app PeduliLindungi is also encouraged, so only attendees and staff members with the green color can enter. 

Permeta urges concert management to regulate the flow of music fans from the get-go, as well as for evacuation routes and placements of sitting areas. 

“The organizers must make visitor arrangements according to the number of visitors.”

The new regulation comes after the Berdendang Bergoyang Festival was shut down following an overcrowding fiasco earlier this month. Jakarta’s Metropolitan Police shut down the event after finding out that organizers sold 21,000 tickets for a 10,000-capacity venue.


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