Berdendang Bergoyang Festival Shut Down After Overcrowding Fiasco

November 01, 2022
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Jakarta’s Metropolitan Police called off the Berdendang Bergoyang music festival after finding out that event organizers sold 21,000 tickets for a 10,000-capacity venue. 

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The three-day festival was supposed to take place between October 28th and 30th.

Social media footage criticized Berdendang Bergoyang’s management as a massive influx of festival-goers created congestion at several points within the Istora Senayan indoor stadium.

Although the music event ran for two days, the police decided to cancel its final day to protect attendees from possible crowd surges

An investigation is looking into how many tickets were sold for the music event.

The overselling of festival tickets is likely the reason for overcrowding, which led to attendees fainting, needing oxygen tanks, and getting injured.

Endra Zulpan, a spokesperson for the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, stated that Berdendang Bergoyang festival’s organizers said the number of printed tickets did not match “the fact on the field.” 

Event organizers have since apologized in a social media statement, saying Berdendang Bergoyang’s third day “must be canceled for safety and security reasons.” 

“In the future we will continue to evaluate and prepare maturely by following procedures and prioritizing the safety and security of the audience.”


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