YouTube Music Rolls Out Its Year-in-Review 2022 Recap

November 30, 2022
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‘Tis the season for the world’s biggest streaming services to roll out their 2022 year in review. While Spotify teases its Wrapped feature on social media, YouTube Music announced its 2022 Recap will be out of the gate today. 

This year marks the second anniversary of the music giant’s personalized music stats, which gives users a retrospective glimpse over their music habits.

But the 2022 YouTube Music Recap doesn’t stop at your most-streamed artists, the songs that made you press the replay button the most, and the playlists you’ve spent most time with. 

New features include a Top Trends stat, highlighting artists you listened to before they blew up. There’s also the Identity feature, which assigns you a personalized “music personality” that captures your music vibe based on your listening habits. 

The stats are curated in shareable, story-style cards that you can tap through and save for nostalgic revisits. This time, the recap feature is also integrating Google Photos into its listening habits storytelling.

When users share their top tracks from a specific season, the YouTube Music app will illustrate them with images imported from the photo storage service.  

Unlike last year’s YouTube Music Recap, the custom-made playlists are also available on the main YouTube app on both iOS and Android.


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