World’s First Outer Space Lounge to Jolt Nightlife Experiences

October 04, 2022
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Nightlife is about to shoot among the stars as David Grutman and space tourism company Space Perspective unveiled plans for the world’s first interstellar lounge. Dubbed Spaceship Neptune, the club room features a ritzy design with floor-to-ceiling windows, futuristic seats, and a chic bar. 

The spherical capsule will deliver an offbeat nightlife experience where travelers can chill, party, and see the world at the edge of space. With a 360° panoramic view and controlled climate, party animals can freely move around the pod throughout the journey. 

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The six-hour experience will kick off at dawn, so eight guests can enjoy the breathtaking vistas as the space lounge ascends 100,000 ft (30 km) above Earth.

This time frame gives a new dimension to a wide range of events – from birthday bashes and clubbing nights to raving sessions and chill get-togethers.

After gliding for two hours, Spaceship Neptune will slowly splash down in the Atlantic Ocean. Here, a ship will await to embark the passengers. 

Housed in a pod tethered to a high-performance SpaceBallon, the space lounge has a zero-emission approach by ditching rocket fuel and high G-forces. 

© @groothospitality / Instagram

Miami mogul David Grutman – best known for his money-making ventures like STORY and LIV – was appointed as an experience curator.

In other words, the nightlife impresario will stock the pressurised capsule with booze, bites, and foot-tapping tunes. But the whole joining the stars and sipping cocktails experience comes with a hefty price tag.

Spaceship Neptune seats go for $125,000 – but it seems like the price is anything but a turn-off for adventurers seeking new heights. Space lounge’s inaugural year will be 2024, which is already fully booked – but 2025 flights are available. 


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