World’s First Cocaine Bar Changes Location Monthly to Avoid Authorities

November 09, 2022
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World’s first cocaine bar is reportedly changing its location monthly around Bolivia’s mountains to avoid getting shut down by authorities. Called Route 36, the illegal pop-up lounge is located in Bolivia’s La Paz, one of the highest cities in the world.

People from all over the world travel to the Andes Mountains and risk sickness to set foot in the place where $30 will get you a cocktail and a gram of coke. 

Sitting at over 3,500 meters above sea level, the administrative capital is so high that visitors can experience nausea, lack of appetite, and breathlessness upon arrival. Although Bolivia’s Route 36 is a hush-hush lounge, those who managed to find it claimed that the way to go is asking a cab driver. 

Lines are served on a silver platter, entry fees sit at around €5, and a gram of cocaine costs €15.

The class A drug is very much illegal in Bolivia, but the coca plant is legally sold for medical purposes, tea, and food. Despite its anti-white-powder laws, Bolivia is the third largest producer of coca plants in the world, after Columbia and Peru. 

While the majority is made for legal consumption, a big chunk of it ends up on the cocaine market. 

Meanwhile, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) decriminalized the personal use of nine illegal drugs. Under the new legislation, carrying under two grams of illicit substances won’t be punished with arrests and imprisonment from October 2023 onwards. 

Those caught with it will face civil fines, cautions, or be referred to a drug diversion program. 


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