Women’s Urinal Peequal Cuts Long Loo Queues

September 29, 2022
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Peequal, UK’s first women’s urinal, puts an end to the never-ending toilet queues for ladies at live events. Designed by women for women, the sustainable port-a-potty system is six times more effective than a traditional portaloo. 

College duo Amber Probyn and Hazel McShane spent their summers working at music festivals – and nothing turned them off more than the women’s bathroom lines. According to their research, waiting time for females is up to 34 times longer than men.

“The queues for the women’s toilets were just too long. This was common at every event we went to. From sports events to theatres to park toilets, women have to expect to wait in line.”

But thanks to the Peequal toilets, that’s sepia history now. By using 100% recycled material, the creators designed an open-air, doorless system that eliminates the need for more lorries. 

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With six toilets packed in a compact wedge – or pizza shape – Peequal portaloos have no door or flushes, which makes them 10 times more sanitary than a conventional toilet. 

Earlier this year, the duo secured £250,000 in funding, allowing them to take the business into the next phase.

Peequal urinals made their grand debut this summer at Glastonbury festival, as its facilities were scattered near the Pyramid Stage and in the Stone Circle.


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