Warehouse Project Drops New Documentary Reflecting Its Journey

September 16, 2022
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To celebrate this year’s series iteration, Warehouse Project released a mini-documentary exploring the brand’s journey from humbling beginnings to its present-day electronic titan status.

Titled Blueprint: The Warehouse Project, the 12-minute film features exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and interviews, thus creating a comprehensive image of the lusted-after clubbing institution.

From its early inception as a dinky party in Manchester’s north to becoming a paragon for all things electronic, the short documentary delivers Warehouse Project’s ethos in a visually-engaging and intriguing manner.

Filmed over five years, Blueprint: The Warehouse Project has no shortage of interviews with familiar faces dotted throughout the powerhouse’s vibrant history. Founders Sacha Lord and Sam Kendal shed light on how the iconic brand matured throughout the years with insights about the standalone party concept, line-up curation, and WHP’s iconic logo. 

Off-the-cuff interviews with roaring names from the electronic realm are also included in the package. Music heroes like Jamie Jones, Denis Sulta, and George Fitzgerald come together to share the lengths, obstacles, and heydays that made Warehouse Project the experience it is today. 

The much-awaited Warehouse Project series kicked off on the 10th of September with the kind of roaster that makes you book a one-way ticket to Manchester. Thousands of electronic greenhorns and techno aficionados will descend on the city’s 10,000-capacity Depot Mayfield depot for the seasonal series. 

With 30 events prepped up, Warehouse Project 2022 season will run every weekend until New Year’s. Expect nothing but the most in-demand DJ names. Major league artists, including the likes of Peggy Gou, Richie Hawtin, and Eric Prydz, will showcase their spinning skills at WHP. 


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