Vests That Help Deaf People Feel the Beat to Land in Australia

December 01, 2022
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Aussie festival-goers with hearing impairments will feel the beat at music events, as sensory vests vibrating in sync with the music are set to be introduced next year.

Australia’s largest festival Tamworth Country Music Festival has already announced that it will trial the wearable devices during its January edition. 

When worn, the vests use a bluetooth-like technology that generates vibrations based on the music beats. Earlier this year, Coldplay introduced the devices during the Music of the Spheres tour to enrich deaf and hearing-impaired fans’ concert experience.

Australian music fans will also be able to physically experience the beats, as two vests will be available at Tamworth Country Music Festival for people to test. 

Department of Regional NSW’s infrastructure director Paul Nunnari said the devices would give another definition to music experiences for deaf people. 

“Traditionally someone with a hearing impairment might literally put their hand on a speaker to feel the vibrations, but now they can actually wear the vest through a whole concert and feel that tactile experience.”

The Department of Regional NSW said another eight music vests for deaf people should land on Australia’s grounds by March 2023 to be trialed at music events.


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