Up to Date Festival Launches Business Techno Board Game

November 24, 2022
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© businesstechno.pl

Poland’s Up to Date Festival launched a Monopoly-like board game for the electro-heads who always wanted to own a Berlin club. Titled Business Techno: The Game, the festival’s entertainment venture invites players to trade techno properties, expand reach and build an empire. 

The board game opens a whole carton world where you can be the nightlife mogul of electronic hubs like Detroit, London, Amsterdam, Ibiza, and Berlin. Each party destination features its own clubs, festivals, and music institutions. 

With techno coins replacing dollars and guest lists transforming into tokens, Business Techno: The Game surpasses its merch item status by delivering a board game simulation of the contemporary clubbing scene. 

In the game’s ecosystem, players need to collect followers, keep up with the content demand, and do what they gotta do to raise their empire’s popularity.  

Up to Date Festival will host a conference that will give the public a glimpse on its Business Techno: The Game through a live tournament. The event will take place in Białystok this Saturday, November 26th. 


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