Under Water Entertainment Platform To Introduce Underwater Clubbing

September 13, 2022
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Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx unveiled Under Water Entertainment Platform plans, an off-the-wall nightlife entertainment concept.

UWEP for short, the 35-meter autonomous submersible broadens the horizons towards futuristic clubbing experiences. 

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Designed for deep-sea entertainment, the hulking vessel features 1,600 sq ft of versatile space combining nautical craft with nightlife business.

Be it a nightclub, rave, casino, or 64-seat restaurant, Under Water Entertainment Platform can hold up to 120 passengers.

CEO of U-Boat Worx Bert Houtman said that the Under Water Entertainment Platform has what it takes to jolt the hospitality industry. 

“We will not only present a stellar experience for the most discerning clientele, but also a business opportunity that will benefit entrepreneurs and contribute to our understanding of the oceans.”

© uboatworx.com

Whoever embarks on the quirky venue can dive comfortably to a depth of up to 200 meters and walk around as freely as they would on a cruise ship.

Its cutting-edge design is enhanced with 14 floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing patrons to witness whatever happens in the underwater world. 

When Under Water Entertainment Platform is not diving deep into marine life, its spacious sundeck becomes the go-to platform for jaw-dropping views. There is no need to worry about your underwater safety – the submarine runs on a rechargeable battery that can power it for 18 hours. 

For the moment, the party submarine remains a 3D concept, as U-Boat Worx awaits buyers who will transform it into reality.


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