Tulum Introduces Midnight Curfew For Nightlife Ventures

October 05, 2022
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Tulum City Council put a strain on the city’s nightlife scene with a new set of rules banning businesses from operating after midnight. On September 23rd, authorities began to notify bars, nightclubs, and restaurants officially. 

The new scheme was implemented following a meeting between multiple tourism services providers, Tulum’s mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal, and municipal treasurer Diego Trejo.

Many businesses backed up the curfew plan, stating that it would create threat-free nights in tourist-populated hotspots. Business owner Antonio Laviada said that everyone agrees on the preventive laws. 

“It is an easy promise to fulfill and easy for us to see if they fulfill it or not. In other words, I close the music and bar at 12. If I arrive and see a place at 12:05, I know that the municipality is not complying.”

Beach clubs, rooftop patios, and outdoor terraces will have to close their doors at 12 AM. Although the Mexico city is a lusted-after destination for globetrotters seeking vibrant nightlife experiences, businesses that don’t comply with the new laws will be met with hefty fines.

The same treatment will be served to venues playing music louder than 65 dB “so that they can think again before raising the volume.” Tulum nightlife institutions that stop serving patrons at midnight must close the facility by 1 AM. 


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