This Events Promoter Places Artists in Offbeat Party Settings

September 21, 2022
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Brownies & Lemonade, an event company that keeps revelers on their toes with off-the-wall partying locations, made a splash with their recent pop-up elevator rave concept. 

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The LA-based brand took clubbing to a whole new level – literally – when Dutch DJ and music producer San Holo showcased his spinning decks in an actual elevator. Ageless sounds, such as his bumpy hit Light, blasted through the speakers at the miniature rave. 

© @browniesandlemonade / Instagram

Staying away from the irksome elevator music, B&L’s event reportedly got “too wild,” so Holo’s music set took over the building’s garage.

But this is far from being the quirky brand’s first rodeo with peculiar clubbing settings. Back in May, electronic DJ Whethan did a surprise pop-up show in an abandoned LA zoo.

Hundreds of revelers immersed in the foot-tapping beats and unique setting before a police helicopter shut down the party.

Since B&L is at the forefront of everything it does – the electronic-fuelled company was named’s Best Event Organizer in 2020 – the eccentric brand organizes wacky pop-up parties like it’s a religion. 

During summer, DJ Kismet’s dubstep beats celebrated his debut album at a train yard.

Brownies & Lemonade organised an impromptu party near the LA river that attracted dozens of adventuresome party animals.

The celebration vibe was so contagious that even a locomotive joined the music-fuelled gathering as it blared the horn in approval.

To say that B&L’s pop-up party concept crossed a lot of bucket list items off the docket would be an understatement.

© @browniesandlemonade / Instagram

A quick peek at the brand’s social media channels shows no signs of stopping – on the contrary. The event company seems eager to deliver the unknown to whoever is ready to cherish it. 


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