Tequila is the Bestselling Booze in US Clubs

December 13, 2022
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© Daniel Álvasd / Unsplash

Vodka, it is time for you to hang your crown as the go-to nightlife booze. The earthy tequila seems to hit the spot for shot rounds and crafted cocktails, as agave-based spirit’s sales doubled year-over-year.

According to a CGA report, tequila sales grew exponentially in US clubs this year as cities like Los Angeles registered an increase of 127%. While whiskey holds the national title for most popular on-premise liquor, tequila grabbed the top share in 2022. 

Top spirits weren’t the only ones shifting in the booze industry. Consumers take their taste buds on a journey with nothing but top-shelf alcohol. In the past 12 months, ultra-premium liquor brands were the most coveted nightclub spirits as they experienced the highest volume growth. 

In New York nightlife hubs, sales of top-shelf alcohol increased by 103% compared to a year ago. 


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