Sydney Club Marquee To Close Down After a Decade of Parties

August 31, 2022
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It seems like the party is over for upscale Sydney nightclub Marquee, which will be closing down at the end of the year. After a decade of delivering top-notch sounds, VIP services, and late-night clubbing sessions to Aussies, Marquee will permanently shut its doors. 

The $20 million party destination, which brought in a slew of A-list celebrities such as Cardi B, Drake, Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio, has been plagued with “a string of incidents and issues,” according to Scott Wharton. 

The recently appointed The Star CEO – the casino where Sydney’s Marquee is housed – announced its intention to cease operations at the upscale club.

In an interview with the Australian Daily Telegraph, the mogul said it was “a tough call to make” but essential to “earn back the trust and confidence of all our stakeholders.”

“We have a good and long-lasting relationship with the owners of the Marquee brand. They are an excellent partner, and we will discuss doing more with them in the premium hospitality space.”

According to Wharton, Sydney Marquee closing down is a tactic to attract an older demographic. Although the management of the blue-blooded club wasn’t a smooth sail from A to Z, The Star’s CEO said there might be a second life for Marquee – but not as a clubbing hub. 

“In this instance, it’s about looking at other food and beverage options that will further enhance The Star Sydney as a world-class tourism and entertainment destination.”

Although future plans for the venue are yet to be fully announced, Wharton confirmed that the “redeployment of staff” is a top priority for the company. 

© @MarqueeSydney / Facebook

One of Sydney’s most lusted-after nightlife spots, Marquee opened back in 2012 with much fanfare, high-profile parties and crowds of elite patrons.

In its heyday, Marquee garnered the reputation of Sydney’s ‘it’ clubbing destination thanks to its flashy fun, heart-racing sound system and R&B Friday parties. 

Marquee is the latest addition to Sydney’s list of loved and lost venues. In the past year, hospitality owners have struggled to grapple with the post-pandemic effect on the nightlife industry.  


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