Scotland’s First Deaf Rave Comes to Edinburgh

August 16, 2022
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Scotland’s first deaf rave event is coming to Edinburgh’s Deaf Festival to bring new cultural experiences to deaf audiences. Organized by Deaf Action charity and pioneered by deaf DJ Troi Lee, Edinburgh’s deaf rave will take place on Friday, 19th August, in an underground car park in St. James Quarter. 

DJ Troi Lee | © @dearave / Instagram

As a part of the week-long festival, the unprecedented clubbing session will promote deaf identity by transforming the raving concept into an inclusive music experience. 

Laser lights, deaf DJs and British Sign Language (BSL) performers are all part of the agenda.

Deaf music talent, including DJ Chinaman (Troi Lee), DJ Ceri Karma, and MC Geezer will take over the audio decks during the daytime raving session. 

The one-off event is for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. DJ Troi Lee told The Guardian a deaf rave differs from an average one since “the music is loud as fuck and we do turn up the bass a bit more.”

Edinburgh’s Deaf Festival will have everything from comedy and tours to cabaret shows | © @edindeaffestival / Instagram

Deaf people will be able to feel the music through the powerful bass vibrations. Other performers emceeing and rapping in BSL will keep the crowds hyped. 

Edinburgh’s first Deaf Festival, which kicked off on 12th August, is a week-long event celebrating deaf heritage by bringing deaf-led performances, tours, workshops and comedy shows.

Taking place across several Edinburgh venues, the festival wants to bring deaf talent and culture into the mainstream. 

Deaf Action’s CEO Philip Gerrard told The National how the festival tries to bridge the gap between deaf audiences and access to cultural life. 

“Deaf Action wants to change this by making sure that deaf people can take part in these celebrations. Our aim is to work together to bring the arts to deaf audiences, giving deaf people access to festivals in a way that they haven’t had before.”


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