Only 6 People Attended EU’s $400,000 Metaverse Party

December 06, 2022
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© @vchadw / Twitter

The European Union (EU) blew an eye-watering $400,000 on a metaverse rave that became an epic fail when only a handful of digital avatars showed up. According to Politico, journalist Vincent Chadwick showed up at the music-fueled cyberspace event on Tuesday evening to party with the “roughly five other humans who showed up.” 

EU’s metaverse rave was part of a campaign that aims to gin up political excitement among a block of voters who are neutral about the supranational union. 

Dubbed the Global Gateway, EU’s metaverse was advertised as a “shared digital space” where people disguised as oddly shaped animal avatars can meet and “reflect on global issues to make a difference for our shared future,” according to EU International Partnerships’ Twitter post

Despite the ongoing hype around virtual spaces and $400,000 worth of investment in the metaverse development, the announcement failed to surpass 100 likes on Twitter.

EU’s metaverse launch was nothing short of catastrophic, but now it is starting to find its audience. According to MetaNews, the virtual tropical island seemed to have reached its full capacity on Friday, as the website declared, “sometimes, even in the metaverse, we run out of space.” 


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