Nyege Nyege Festival to Go Ahead Supported by Safe Sex Program

September 15, 2022
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Uganda’s government has reportedly dispatched one million condoms, HIV self-testing kits, and contraceptives to Jinja’s Nyege Nyege festival. According to RedPepper, the safe sex plan aims to prevent the spread of AIDS, STDs, and unwanted pregnancies at the African music festival. 

The publication further stated that live bonking is anticipated to be an integral part of the electronic event and Uganda’s government “is not taking chances.” 

Even though the Nyege Nyege festival promotes Uganda’s cultural heritage, it has been subject to moral outrage and heated debate in the past years. MPs raised concerns about the festival’s impact, as one of them called it a “breeding ground for sexual immorality.” 

Despite calls from the cabinet to ban the music event, Nyege Nyege still got the green light to make a return after a three-year hiatus – but under new guidelines. The government implemented seven measures to “ensure the festival doesn’t breach Uganda’s laws and cultural/moral norms.”

Deviant sexual behaviors such as orgies and nudity are prohibited, along with drug use, vulgar language, songs, and gestures. 

Nyege Nyege festival, which is one of Africa’s largest festivals, kicks off on 15th September with an electronic-fuelled line-up that aims to promote African talent. Featuring over 200 shows, the music event brings together 300 artists from over 27 countries. 


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