Nightlife Index Shows Brits Still Go Out Despite Soaring Living Costs

October 26, 2022
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Nightclub operator Rekom released its quarterly report on party-goers’ decision-making during late-night escapades. Although the UK has been subject to political turmoil and soaring living costs, the company’s nightlife index demonstrates that clubbing remains a prominent societal pillar.  

Rekom surveyed 2,024 individuals over 18, including 1,000 18-21-year-olds and 500 students. In the aftermath of the economic upheavals, people are starting to become more financially responsible by cutting non-essential spending – but they seem to protect their devotion to the nightlife scene.  

Key stats show that instead of ditching late-night outings, Brits are adjusting their budgets and slightly changing their nightlife behavior to be part of the clubbing scene. 

Although one in 20 survey respondents said they wouldn’t afford to go out anymore, over a third of participants said they wouldn’t abandon their party animal persona – they will just reduce the amount of late-night get-togethers. 

In light of the cost-of-living crisis, Brits said they would control their nightlife budget by cutting down spending habits. Most of them will pre-drink more at home (38.4%), while others will buy cheaper pre-loading booze (33.4%) and go to less expensive venues (28.5%). 

Almost a third of the respondents (30.0%) said they would be willing to cut down on other expenses, such as beauty treatments and clothes shopping, to keep up with their nightlife habits. 

On average, British party-goers have three nightlife outings a week. Students have the highest demographic for frequent reveling (33.2%), followed by full-time workers (18.7%). 

Those late-night escapades are not a short-lived fad. The average Brit spends four hours and 58 minutes on a night out, representing a 16% increase compared to six months ago. 

Overall spending on a night out also registered a 6.8% increase since March 2022, as UK party-goers spend an average of £73.36 per nightlife session. The most significant change occurred in the pre-drinking sector, as the amount spent on booze outside the venue increased by %16.8 to £13.21.

Other highlights from Rekom’s nightlife index include: 

  • On average, Brits spend £73 per month for late nights out, despite budgeting £59.70 per month. 
  • Survey respondents  put aside £60 for nightlife as part of their budget. 
  • 1 in 7 party-goers doesn’t budget for late-night get-togethers.
  • Most respondents (66.8%) said their main reason for going out is to socialize with friends. 
  • 10 PM and 11 PM are peak hours for venues, as most individuals across all age groups arrive during this timeframe. 
  • Women spend longer on a night out than men, averaging 5 hours and 6 minutes compared to 4 hours and 37 minutes.
  • Females will take more measures to reduce nightlife costs – 43.3% will pre-drink more, compared to 24.4% of males.


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