New Club FORGE Coming To Sheffield

August 23, 2022
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Sheffield, United Kingdom

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2K




Live Music, Underground


The electronic-fuelled FORGE club will take over Sheffield’s music scene starting from 16th September 2022.

Under Richard Welch’s direction, the FORGE warehouse nightclub found shelter in a former Victorian steel forge on Effingham Road, just a stone’s throw away from Sheffield’s center. 

FORGE’s management promises a focus on electronic beats. The Sheffield venue is all about the industrial vibe – with steel structures and a warehouse feel, FORGE wants to deliver a raw, electric feel.

Sheffield FORGE’s grand opening will take place on 16th September 2022, starting from 11 PM. The opening party showcases a mix of international talent and local acts. UK techno powerhouses like Berlin-based Dax J and Fabric resident IMOGEN will share their audio decks with local DJs, such as colecta and Porter Brook.


  • FORGE is a late-night venue that closes at 6 AM.
  • The venue features a Pioneer sound system and LED lighting rigs.
  • Sheffield’s FORGE wants to be a catalyst for the city’s late-night culture. 
  • For the moment, the electronic club will be open on Fridays and Saturdays. 
  • FORGE will be one of Sheffield’s largest club and event space.
  • The upcoming events cover the whole electronic spectrum – from techno to house. 
  • FORGE’s outdoor space, also dubbed The Yard, will host events overlooking the Tinsley Cana.
© @forge.sheffield / Instagram
© @forge.sheffield / Instagram


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