New App Instafest Creates Festival Lineups With Your Most-Listened Artists

November 29, 2022
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As Spotify Wrapped is around the corner, an app called Instafest creates festival posters featuring your most-listened artists. Resembling real-life announcements, the third-party app taps into your Spotify account’s data to generate your ideal festival line-up. 

As a free web app, Instafest divides music fans’ top Spotify artists into an imaginary three-day festival where headliners are the music heroes you spend the most time with.

Besides being able to customize the lineup based on time intervals – be it the past four weeks, six months, and all time – users are spoilt for choice with three different poster aesthetics. 

Instafest app is equipped with a unique feature called Basic Score, which calculates your music niche – the lower the score, the more niche your music festival is. We probably won’t ever see Kendrick Lamar and BTS on the same lineup, but this generator lets us dream. 

Once Instafest generates your poster, music fans can name their music festival and share the poster with their friends. 


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