Music Fans Get Inside a Festival For Free Using Bags of Lettuce

November 24, 2022
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No guestlist, VIP table, or three-day pass – this was the motto of a guy who got in for free at a music festival with the power of lettuce. 

A social media video showing a group of guys getting inside a music event free of charge went viral thanks to its unusual approach. Equipped with bags of lettuce, the individuals told the security guard they were coming from the back office and had to “refill the lettuces of Bobs Burger Bar.” 

The video shows the security guard giving his approval nod, and the group got inside the music festival without being escorted by the staff members or asked any questions. 

Since you can’t rave while carrying sacks of lettuce, the lucky attendees got rid of the plastic-wrapped vegetables by giving them out to festival-goers. Music fans seemed excited to receive free Vitamin A, as some said “I was so hungry, thank you,” and “I will have lettuce.” 

Users flooded the video’s comments section, either trolling or praising the unconventional approach.

One user said, “you can be banned from festivals, I wouldn’t do this if you want to return next year,” while others said “lettuce pray,” and memed the video with the “insomniac security be like” tagline. 

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