Mint Warehouse Club Bans Flash Use

October 13, 2022
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© @MintWarehouse / Facebook

Underground Leeds venue Mint Warehouse banned the use of mobile phone flash on the dance floor for future events. 

It seems like the electronic hub wants clubbers to reduce phone use and be more present. In a social media post, the nightclub’s management acknowledged that our pocket-sized gadgets could not be banned entirely. 

Instead of introducing a policy that prohibits using mobile phones like Berlin’s Berghain, Mint Warehouse asks patrons to forget about the camera’s flash. The statement called the flash “an absolute vibe killer” and “the last thing you want in a rave.”

© @mintwarehouseleeds / Instagram

Along with the new policy, Mint Warehouse’s team requested clubbers’ help to roll out the no-flash guideline by encouraging anyone seen using the function to turn it off. 

The Leeds venue is the latest nightlife hub to introduce policies around the use of phones during clubbing sessions.

In the COVID-19 aftermath, London’s Fabric announced a strict “no photo, no video” on the dance floor, while most elusive clubs have long been devotees of the no phone use policy for years.

Berghain first introduced it in 2006, and other nightlife venues, such as Munich’s Blitz, were quick to follow in its footsteps. 


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