Melbourne’s First Floating Club ATET To Kick Off This Spring

August 30, 2022
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Melbourne, Australia

Club / Outdoor / XS – 200-500




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Drawing inspiration from Ibizan open-air parties, quirky club ATET will officially become Melbourne’s first floating club this spring. 

As the brainchild of local architect and electronic DJ Jake Hughes, the ATET nightclub found shelter atop a repurposed barge. The over-water clubbing destination will initially anchor beneath Melbourne’s Bolte Bridge towers in Docklands. Melbourne’s ATET might change its prime location thanks to its remote feature. 

Although the opening events are yet to be announced, the venue will house electronic beats while striking a balance between local and international EDM DJs.

With a summeresque feel which translates into lush greenery and jaw-dropping views over the city skyline, Melbourne’s ATET will sweep electronic devotees off their feet. 

ATET will open its doors to the public from the Australian spring through summer. 


  • ATET’s name draws inspiration from ancient Egyptian mythology – it is christened after the sun god Ra’s barge. 
  • The Melbourne venue will feature a high-tech sound imbued with hypnotic LED visuals. 
  • ATET is ready for Australia’s capricious weather as the club will boast a PVC roof and wall panels. 
  • Founder Jake Hughes has reportedly spent $1 million to bring Melbourne ATET to life.
  • The nightlife hub is spanning across 570 sq m and it will accommodate up to 550 clubbers. 
  • It is a two-story venue with an expansive dance floor and a mezzanine level above it. 
  • Melbourne’s ATET will showcase two bars and a commercial kitchen – not to mention the furniture is easily rearrangeable, which instills versatility in the venue.
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