Melbourne Nightclub Chasers Receives Police Payout After Raid

September 02, 2022
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Queer nightclub Chasers has reportedly reached a confidential financial settlement with Melbourne’s police after April raid.

During the early hours of the Easter weekend, Victoria police entered the Chapel Street venue following claims that a trans clubber was sexually assaulted during a bondage-themed night. 

The law enforcement decided to shut down the LGBT+ club and evacuated the 400 patrons that partied at the venue. News outlet TheAge reported that officers reversed the decision 40 minutes later. No charges were brought for the incident. 

It remains unclear whether officers had a warrant to close down the nightclub. The same local outlet announced that Chasers nightclub owner Martha Tsamis reached a confidential settlement with Victoria police over the raid incursion. 

While the sum remains undisclosed, this is the third time Tsamis has received a payout from Melbourne’s law enforcement. Back in 2019, she got $90,000 in damages after former police superintendent Brett Guerin defamed her in a media interview.

He further described the queer bar as “conducive to drug trafficking, drunkness and violence.” In an ABC interview, Tsamis said this was a police campaign that aimed to cause “maximum damage” to the LGBT+ hub. 

The same year, Tsamis received another payout following an incident where officers shot clubbers during a swingers party. 

According to TheAge, both parties refused to comment on the settlement. 


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