Live Nation Moves Towards Zero-Waste Events With Reusable Cups

September 07, 2022
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Live Nation is set to launch an environmentally-friendly initiative at live events by investing $5 million in reusable cups. The live entertainment giant announced a strategic investment in Turn Systems, a leading reusable cup scheme. 

This zero-waste partnership will see Live Nation introduce reusable cups as a primary option for beverages across several festivals and venues, including major events like Lollapalooza and Sea.Hear.Now. The event promoter aims to displace more than one million single-use cups this year through the initiative. 

According to Live Nation’s statement, a single Turn cup can replace up to 100 single-use cups and “can break on its environmental impact in as few as three uses.”

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Unlike most reusable cup schemes, Live Nation’s initiative doesn’t require a deposit.

Event attendees receive cups by default and can return them via a return-bin system instead of a traditional recycling bin.

Once they finish their drink, attendees can use a scannable code to open a slot in a custom-branded collection bin. 

In the press release, Live Nation’s CEO Michael Rapino said that by partnering with Turn Systems, the giant opens the doors to a greener future at live events.

“By investing in TURN, Live Nation is able to make events at our venues and festivals more sustainable. By rolling out real world solutions at scale we hope this helps the whole industry find solutions.”  

This is not Live Nation’s first rodeo with the Turn reusable cups. Back in June, it deployed the sustainable system at the Bonnaroo festival, which saw a 88% cup return rate. 

In the past, the live entertainment company explored event attendees’ eagerness to protect the environment. According to their study, 82% said they try to maintain an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.  


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