Legendary Berghain Rumored To Be Closing Down

October 17, 2022
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Techno church Berghain might be closing down, as rumors say the Berlin club’s legacy will wrap up “by the of 2022.”

Although there is no official confirmation from the management team, Berghain’s in-house booking agency and record label Ostgut Booking announced its closure last week. The unforeseen and sudden statement plagued Berlin’s clubbing scene, making party-goers worry about the club’s future. 

According to Faze Magazine, an anonymous insider revealed that the Berghain closing down nightmare might become a reality by the end of the year.

After talking to various sources, the insider reportedly said that Berghain’s managers had decided to take up other projects as they “don’t feel like it anymore and have other life plans in mind.” 

“The final end is coming this year! One of the founders has already been paid out and is supposed to be in the countryside in Brandenburg.”

Faze Magazine further stated that Beghain’s future would not be given to younger hands, as managers fear that the club’s spirit will deteriorate. The insider source hints at the lack of future reiterations of the legendary institution, as “selling it to another operator” is “not desirable.”

This isn’t the first rumor about Berghain closing down. Back in 2012, several Berlin clubs such as Berghain and Watergate were under threat following a restructuring of Germany’s royalties system, which saw a 1,400% increase in bills. 

With Ostgut Booking’s closure and the spiraling costs for nightlife venues, many speculate that this might be the final end for the music temple. 

During its 18-year run, Berghain garnered a reputation for being a lusted-after partying destination due to its elusive nature, brutal door policy, and blue-blooded DJs. Founded in 2004 by Michael Teufele and Norbert Thormann, the Berlin club became the city’s epicenter for hedonistic tales and marathon-like raves.


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