Kyiv Nightclubs Return After Eight-Month Hiatus

October 18, 2022
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Kyiv’s nightclubs are adapting to the new normal, as two electronic venues opened their doors for the first time in eight months. Techno temple Closer and underground institution ∄ – also known as K41 – were able to house raving sessions in the Ukrainian capital by using alternative power.

Despite recent attacks that caused power cuts in the area, the two Kyiv nightclubs received the green light to go ahead with their party plans.

Closer, which celebrated its ninth anniversary with three consecutive parties, took to social media to announce it has “found a solution” for the electricity issues “so light and sound will be stable.” 

© / Instagram

In the Instagram post, Closer’s management further adds that although some artists “were frightened by the events of the last days,” they were still pushing the events “regardless of their final decision.” 

The three parties that took place over the weekend included a set from local talent SI Process in a 360° booth on Friday. Music events occurred during the day on Saturday and Sunday, as Kyiv’s nightlife curfew remains in place between 11 PM and 5 AM.

Dance club K41 also reopened its doors with a roster of local DJs to support war-torn Ukraine. All proceeds from the community-focused events will go toward medicine for the country’s military unit. 


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