Irish Pubs And Clubs Won’t Extend Closing Hours Before Christmas

October 06, 2022
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Ireland’s authorities have some disappointing news for thirsty revelers. The new Sale of Alcohol Bill – that would see pubs and clubs adopt a European nightlife agenda – won’t be introduced in the next months, like the government had planned.

This move translates into nightlife ventures extending opening hours until 6 AM.

News about the radical transformation in Ireland’s nightlife broke last year when officials said it would be introduced in 2022. Back in April, Ireland’s Minister of Enterprise Leo Varadkar explained it “won’t be a matter of months” and that “it can be done this year.” 

Now, the government confirmed a delay, affirming that it won’t be brought in before Christmas. 

Justice Minister Helen McEntee, who is in charge of introducing the Sale of Alcohol Bill, told the Irish Sun that bringing 21st-century licensing laws is pivotal – but they won’t be here soon. 

“We want to get this passed as soon as possible… But it won’t be passed by the end of the year.”

By bringing in an all-nighter character, Ireland’s nightlife would scrap ancient licensing laws while giving a new life to the nighttime economy. 

With pubs and clubs open until the wee hours of the morning in other touristy European hotspots, Dublin and major Irish cities are expected to create a better nightlife environment for globetrotters. 


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