Ibiza Nightclubs Might Shut Down Amid Government Crackdown

October 06, 2022
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Ibiza nightclubs might close their doors as the Balearic government seeks to eliminate boozy tourism. Authorities announced its plan to dedicate €10 million to acquire “low-category establishments,” which can include party destinations. 

Balearic president Francina Armengol argued that the crackdown will ease tourist pressure and encourage a “model that can simultaneously generate prosperity, employment, and opportunities.” 

Although the government is yet to specify which venues it will target, Ibiza nightclubs might be at risk due to their touristic appeal. 

This comes after a record-breaking summer for Ibiza’s nightlife scene. Government officials have been tackling party makers’ unruly behavior and heavy drinking in recent months.  

The government clamped down on tipsy holidays, as tourists needed to say goodbye to the endless stream of alcoholic cocktails available at all-inclusive hotels. From now on, sunseekers will have to limit alcohol intake to six drinks a day – three at lunch and three at dinner. 

In an email sent to all customers, travel agency Thomas Cook alerted holidaymakers on the new restrictions.

“Please be aware that Magalluf, El Arenal, Playa de Palma in Mallorca and Sant Antoni in Ibiza, there is a new restriction on All Inclusive.”

According to ibizapreservation.org data, the party island has registered 2,000 tourists for every 100 residents since 2017. Compared to 2001 figures, travelers almost doubled their number in recent years.


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