Field Maneuvers Festival Launches Crowdfunder and Fans Respond

October 04, 2022
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© @fieldmaneuversfestival / Facebook

UK music festival Field Maneuvers launched the SAVE FM crowdfunding to secure its next edition. Although the campaign kicked off a few days ago, aiming to raise £40,000 over the next four weeks, it has already surpassed half the target. 

Organizers cited financial struggles caused by soaring living costs and no-shows at Field Maneuvers’ 2022 festival edition. According to their crowdfunding page, the boutique event sold 1,500 tickets, but only 1,000 festival-goers showed up, which caused bar sales to collapse by 35%. 

© @fieldmaneuvers / Instagram

In a social media post, Field Maneuvers festival called for fans’ financial support, saying that “times are tough” and “sadly, we can’t cash in all this love.” Almost 400 people jumped in to help. Not even a week after the crowdfunding launch, Field Maneuvers received over £25,000 in donations. 

All money will be used to build the festival’s 2023 edition, as well as paying off this year’s debt. 

To show appreciation, the festival will reward contributors with a range of merch goodies, including limited edition bomber jackets and T-shirts.

A generous donator will get his hands on two tickets for an exclusive VIP party at Field Maneuvers’ 2023 edition. Another six fans will be rewarded with keys to their own portaloo. 

A no-frills rave festival, Field Maneuvers first saw daylight in 2014. Over the years, it set itself apart from the sea of electronic-fueled music festivals due to its intimate feeling and obscure locations. 


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