Fabric to Become World’s First Nightclub-in-Residence at The Museum of London

October 21, 2022
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London electronic powerhouse Fabric partnered with the Museum of London to become the “world’s first” nightclub-in-residence.

Announced yesterday, the partnership between the two institutions will translate into one-night-only performances, co-organising events, and exhibitions celebrating Fabric’s nightlife status. 

The culture-meets-music project will kick off on October 25th, when Turner Prize winner Thai Shani will commission a performance. Titled My bodily remains, your bodily remains, and all the bodily remains that ever were, and ever will be, the production will include an original live score from Shani’s longtime collaborators, Maxwell Sterling and Richard Fearless. 

The performance will be staged at Fabric nightclub as a chamber play. When the iconic music institution celebrates its 25th-year anniversary in 2024, the Museum of London will host an exhibition to commemorate the milestone.

Fabric nightclub and the museum are soon-to-be neighbors, as the historical institution is preparing to close its doors at London Wall. Over in West Smithfield, the London Museum will take over the market buildings across the street from the Farringdon club. 

In a press release, museum director Sharon Ament said that the venerated nightclub safeguarded its electronic music trailblazer over the decades.

“Our collaboration will create special moments and memories for Londoners and visitors to the city. The first of many collaborations to offer new perspectives on London’s story.”

Through the partnership, the museum aims to create immersive experiences around London’s history through creative, commercial, and community events. Fabric’s co-founder Cameron Leslie called the move “a significant moment for us in our journey to establish fabric as a key cultural brand.” 

“As well as communicating fabric as a core cultural space, we’re also on a mission to promote electronic music as an art-form. This new residency reflects this”


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