Electronic Music Becomes UK’s Second Favourite Genre

November 04, 2022
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© Aleksandr Popov / Unsplash

Ladies and gents, the results are in – new data from The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) unveiled electronic music as UK’s second favorite music genre. 

The UK-based association of independent and major record labels shows that 25% of the weekly top ten charts in 2022 were all about electronic beats. The number of house music dominating top charts tripled since 2019, as the presence of electronic tracks among top hits saw an 80% increase.

Scotland-based electronic duo LF System reached number one in the UK’s charts this summer with their bumpy Afraid to Feel track, spending eight consecutive weeks as number one. 

According to Official Charts, it became the second most popular dance tune of the year – with Lost Frequencies and Callum Scott’s Where Are You Now as the most-listened song. 

The BPI shows electronic music’s popularity in the UK has consistently increased over the past three years. As of today, the only thing separating the foot-tapping genre from the first place is pop music. 


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