Electronic Hub Den Anden Side to Take Over Copenhagen’s Underground Scene

November 02, 2022
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Copenhagen, Denmark

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2K




Live Music, Underground


Translating to “the other side,” Copenhagen’s Den Anden Side will open its arms for techno greenhorns, electronic aficionados, and house music enthusiasts on November 4th. 

From the team behind the recently shuttered Ved Siden Af, the electronic-fueled music temple found shelter underneath Palads Teatret, an art-deco movie theater in the city’s center. 

With a griddy thirst for all things electronic and a fiery passion to bring in the best beats, Den Anden Side will serve as a worthy home for Copenhagen’s underground scene. Its commitment to the electronic genre is visible in its blueprint as steel structures, low ceilings, and a warehouse appeal reign supreme. 

Den Anden Side’s opening ceremony will kick off Friday, November 4th. The venue’s speakers will blast the creme de la creme of house, techno and experimental, as music heroes like Andi Müller and djGEM will take over the audio decks. 


  • Since Den Anden Side puts crisp beats on a pedestal, the electronic venue will feature a four-point Funktion-One sound system. 
  • The Copenhagen venue will feature a capacity of 500 party-goers. 
  • Den Anden Side has a soft spot for homegrown talent, so most of the artists that will take revelers on a groovy journey are locals. 
  • When it comes its blueprint, the music temple will showcase an expansive dance floor, sexy lounge, and underground garden. 
  • The electronic hub is taking over a space that belonged to Daddy’s Dancehall, a concert hall that hosted the likes of The Sex Pistols and Iggy Pop before closing its doors in the ‘90s.
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