Durham Door Staff To Breathalyse Clubbers Upon Arrival

September 27, 2022
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The pre-drinking game might change forever as several Durham nightlife venues will breathalyse punters before entry. 

In a bid to put an end to the “potentially dangerous” habit of pre-loading, Durham City Center implemented a nightlife measure that will see bouncers equipped with breathalysers. By working on a lights system, the devices will alert the door crew about those who had too much to drink before arriving. 

This will ultimately draw a line between the clubbers who enjoyed a casual drink and the ones whose drinking reached unsafe blood alcohol levels. 

The tactic has already been adopted, as several Durham nightlife venues implemented the practice last week. 

Funded by the Safer Streets scheme and Durham Parish Council, the initiative aims to improve party-goers’ safety on the dance floor.

Durham Police declared that the nightlife scheme will give clubbers a “better chance to make more informed decisions on a night out.” 

“Sadly, time and again we see the negative effects alcohol has on people, whether it be through violence against others, anti-social behaviour or not being aware of their surroundings.”

But not every clubber queuing for a bar or club will be breathalyzed, according to the police statement. It will be down to the bouncer to pick the patrons who will be put to the test. 


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