DJ Fisher Saves a Rave’s Vibe When Partygoers Puts His Life at Risk

December 06, 2022
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DJ Fisher saved a rave’s vibe when he stopped his set for a music fan who climbed up a tent truss. A viral Instagram video shows the party-goer having a blast while climbing a steel structure.

When he reached a dangerous height – high enough for the Australian DJ to see him – Fisher pulled the plug on his set and took the mic. 

“Aye you mad c**t, you gotta get down or I gotta stop this shit and everyone will f**k you in the ass,” the electronic artist said. The adrenaline-loving Fisher fan chilled out and climbed down the tent truss as the Losing It artist resumed his set. 

Users flooded the comments section, saying the party-goer “marched right out that rave after he got down.” Other users called Fisher’s short-lived speech a “world class chat.” 

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