Bali Authorities To Ban Clubbing After 1 AM in Canggu

September 16, 2022
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The show must go on – but not for music hubs in Bali’s nightlife hotspot Canggu. Following a petition demanding an end to noise pollution in the area, local authorities issued a notice announcing several regulations for Canggu bars and clubs.

After a petition titled End Extreme Noise in Canggu reached its 7,500 signatures benchmark, The Bali Public Order Agency met with the stakeholders to discuss the noise pollution issue.

In the meeting’s aftermath, new rules on how nightlife businesses operate have been passed. 

“First, the decibel limit for outdoor areas is at 70 dB. Second, the maximum operational hours is until 1am – this is for cafes and others.”

Bali Public Order Agency Chief, Dewa Nyoman Dharmadi

Entertainment establishments, nightclubs and beach clubs need to close their doors by 1 AM to avoid extreme noise. Open-air music venues have to keep the volumes down to 70 dB, as field observations revealed that noise can reach 82-85 dB at night. 

Known for its reef breaks and seascapes, Canggu brims with beach bars, vibrant nightclubs and sandy parties. Over the years, the Bali village garnered a reputation as a must-stopover for its exuberant nightlife iconic beach parties.  


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