An ADE 2022 Event Transformed a Bakery Shop Into a Rave

October 21, 2022
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© @ferry27r / Instagram

As part of ADE 2022’s string of parties, electronic artist Aazar organized a rave session at a bakery shop on October 20th. Rise Bakery, one of Amsterdam’s renowned pastry shops, became a music-fueled venue where local DJs took over the baguette-scattered counters. 

Featuring 20-minute sets, the ADE 2022 event brought in a quirky clubbing concept as party-goers raved surrounded by fresh pretzels, croissants, and coffee cups.

© @habstrakt / Instagram

Local talents like Koos, Max Mash, Keelds, and Habstrakt hyped up the crowds during the three-hour event. 

Social media videos show the 50-capacity bakery shop filled to the brim with electronic music fans.

While pastry products were de rigueur, cashiers, pastry cooks, and bakery clerks were replaced by DJs and the traditional backstage space was the behind-the-counters area. 

Later that night, Habstrakt joined Curbi and Koven at Amsterdam’s Melkweg for the Monstercat Showcase ADE event.

DJ Aazar also headed to Bitterzoet’s audio decks after the bakery shop warm-up rave. 


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