Amsterdam Might Not Sell Weed on Weekends Anymore

December 05, 2022
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© hurricanehank / Shutterstock

Amsterdam seems to be fed up with stoned tourists and worried about drug-related crimes, as Sin City is set to stop selling weed during weekends. In a bid to curb the “nuisance tourism” that plagued the city, the Dutch capital is bringing a new set for cannabis, alcohol, and brothels. 

Amsterdam is known as the European capital for rowdy weekends, weed smoking, and excessive debauchery. For the city’s 880,000 residents, groups of intoxicated tourists roaming Amsterdam’s streets and treating it like an adult playground became a source of nuisance. 

But its global reputation is set to change as authorities are willing to go the extra mile to reframe its cultural status.

Under the ‘stay away’ campaign set to be launched next year, bars and clubs would have a 2 AM curfew, brothels would operate under limited opening times, and cannabis smoking will be banned in certain Amsterdam areas. 

While an alcohol ban already exists in some parts of the city, authorities will take it a step further by transforming short-term Airbnb rentals into residential homes. 

Amsterdam’s deputy mayor Sofyan Mbarki said that “if we love the city, we have to act now.” 

“Amsterdam is a metropolis and that means a lively and bustling city, but to keep our city livable, we now have to opt for limits instead of irresponsible growth.”

The City Council will discuss the proposals to reshape Amsterdam’s cultural status on December 21st.


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