Airbnb To Roll Out ‘Anti-Party Technology’

August 19, 2022
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Online marketplace Airbnb says it will roll out a tech-forward system to curb the number of rowdy guests booking rentals for parties. The new technology, which was trialed in Australia, will further enforce Airbnb’s global party ban in the US and Canada.

According to Airbnb’s statement, the ‘anti-party technology’ will analyze a wide array of factors. By evaluating previous reviews, the length of trip, and distance to the rental, the system identifies “potentially high-risk reservations.”

Those who don’t pass Airbnb’s party ban test can reserve a hotel or private room through the platform. 

Weeks after Airbnb announced its permanent party ban for properties rented through the platform, the company is preparing the ground for its anti-party tech across the US and Canada. 

Since October 2021, Airbnb has been trailing its ‘anti-party technology’ Australia. According to the company, this led to a 35% drop in the number of unauthorised parties. 

The ‘anti-party technology’ comes after Airbnb’s long-time affair with house party bookings. While bars, clubs and pubs were busy implementing COVID-19 restrictions, the company saw a soaring number of unauthorized parties. 

This ultimately led to a temporary ban on all parties and events that year, which became permanent in June 2022.


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