ADE 2022 Launched a Location-Based Virtual Museum

October 25, 2022
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The lusted-after electronic ADE leveled up its digital storytelling game during the 2022 edition. In collaboration with virtual museum Everything is Music, the event allowed festival-goers to immerse themselves in Amsterdam’s musical heritage. 

Called Everything is ADE, the project delivered location-based stories via an interactive map. With a strong sense of curation at its core, the digital museum featured Amsterdam Dance Event artifacts, geo-tagged locations, and content created by artists performing at ADE 2022. 

To explore the city’s beats-fueled history, Amsterdam users needed their mobile devices in handy to explore the dynamic map. By physically walking to the pinned locations, festival-goers unlocked digital content capturing Amsterdam’s musical past. 

Besides showcasing music heroes like British electronic producer Floating Points and rising Dutch techno DJ Amoral, the map also had some aces up its sleeve.

For ADE’s 2022 edition, the project integrated an archive conversation with Nile Rodger and a lesson about vinyl’s importance in the Netherlands from Rotterdam-based DJ Suze Ijó.

The gods behind the audio decks became tourist guides for Everything is ADE, as Amsterdam DJ Shinedoe guided users through his go-to city spots. 

Speaking on the project, an ADE spokesperson told Crack Magazine that by teaming up with Everything is Music, the electronic event was able to create an experience “beyond regular expectations.” 

“The AR based project is a great showcase of how innovative developments show future opportunities in media consumption, something ADE extensively discusses in our conference as well.”

Digital museum Everything is Music launched in May 2021 as the brainchild of Bristol-based publication Crack Magazine. Since its release, the platform has been labeled as a digital jewel that changed the music culture game.

With artists’ interviews and historical venue information, the website introduced a fresh way of tapping into cultural moments by making it digitally engaging. 


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