25 Years of UK Garage Documentary Reflects on The Genre’s Legacy

November 02, 2022
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A new documentary about the UK’s bumpy garage scene will see the light of day next month, on December 5th. Titled 25 Years of UK Garage, the 100-minute film sheds light on the bass, sounds, and MCs that made the music genre a token of the UK’s beat-fueled heritage. 

Under the creative direction of film producers Terry Stone and Richard Turner, the documentary will feature appearances from key heroes from the music genre. Influential names such as Lisa Maffia, So Solid Crew, Majestic, DJ PDS, Megaman, and Ms. Dynamite will all make appearances on 25 Years of UK Garage.

By exploring the roots of garage beats, diving deep into its shuffled rhythms and giving insights into its apotheosis, the documentary will deliver a comprehensive image of the genre’s journey over the past two and a half decades. 

Produced by Platinum Pictures, the film premiered last month at the Marbella Film Festival. 
25 Years of UK Garage will be available for the wide public from December 5th on digital platforms.


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