Red Bull Drink Recipes You Must Know

AKA how to get hyped and boozed at the same time
August 01, 2022
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Oh, the mighty Red Bull energy drink. A leitmotif of our morning commute and late-night work sessions, the ubiquitous Red Bull transcended the boundaries of the energy drink can and became a part of our boozy habits. 

When mixologists’ sheer creativity and Red Bull’s aromatic sourness meet, an endless chain of Red Bull alcohol drinks comes to life. At the end of the day, Red Bull cocktails are the go-to way to get hyped and boozed at the same time. 

While the caffeine-packed brew doesn’t give you real wings, mixing it with the right ingredients might give life to your new go-to Red Bull drink. From the fruity Irish trash can to the iconic Jagerbomb, we have every lip-smacking drink with Red Bull covered.


1. Bitter Bull

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30ml Orange Juice
60ml Red Bull
150ml Campari
60ml Cachaça
Orange peel or slice for garnish

2. Colt 45

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25 ml Gin
50 ml Jagermeister
150 ml Red Bull

3. Flying Red Devil

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30ml Grenadine
120ml Red Bull
30ml Chambord
30ml Absolut Raspberry
30ml Stolichnaya Raspberry
Strawberry Purée
Tonic Water

4. Vodka Red Bull

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60ml Vodka
1 can Red Bull
Ice cubes

5. Whiskey Red Bull

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60ml Whiskey
1 Red Bull can
Ice cubes

6. Jägerbomb

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30ml Jägermeister
1/2 Red Bull can
Ice cubes

7. Irish Black Bull

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500ml Guinness
Red Bull to top up

8. Tall Red-Headed Slut

© Bartender ROCKY / Facebook

30ml Peach Schnapps
90ml Cranberry Juice
30ml Jägermeister
Red Bull to top up

9. Hennessy Red Bull Drink

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30ml Red Bull
60ml Hennessy Cognac

10. Johnny Vegas

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20ml Tequila
60ml Watermelon Liqueur
60ml Red Bull

11. Vegas Bomb

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40ml Crown Royal Whiskey
10ml ounces Peach Schnapps
60ml ounces cranberry juice
Red Bull
Ice cubes

12. Bullfrog

© @conradcairo / Facebook

30ml Vodka
30ml Tequila
30ml Rum
30ml Gin
30ml Blue Curaçao
30ml Lemon Juice
30ml Red Bull
Lemon slice or cherry to garnish

13. Green Power

© @restolabaraque / Facebook

30ml Triple Sec
30ml Melon Liqueur
Red Bull
Ice cubes
Mint leaves to garnish

14. Red Bull Vampire’s Delight

© @sluggr_club / Instagram

40ml Vodka
20ml Triple Sec
40ml Cranberry Juice
Red Bull

15. Cactus Cooler

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15ml Mandarin Vodka
15ml Peach Schnapps
Red Bull
Splash Orange Juice
Mint Leaves to garnish

16. Black Sunrise

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20ml Black Vodka
20ml White Rum
20ml Triple Sec
20ml Banana Liqueur
100ml Red Bull

17. Bat & Bull

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50ml Bacardi
Splash of Blue Curaçao
50ml Peach Schnapps
50ml Cointreau
150ml Red Bull

18. Raging Bull

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15ml Vodka
15ml Gin
15ml White Rum
15ml Tequila
15ml Triple Sec
20ml Ginger Ale
Ice Cubes
Top up with Red Bull

19. Red Bull Cherry Popper

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50ml Strawberry Liquor
150ml Red Bull
Strawberry or Cherry for garnish

20. Excitabull

© @mercatbistro / Facebook

30ml Vodka
30ml Peach Schnapps
 Cranberry Juice
250ml Red Bull


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