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April 22, 2022
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Nothing beats the stellar visuals at Beats For Love | © / Facebook

Ostrava, MO, Czech Republic


XL – 20k-50k



VIP, Live Music, Casual

+3 Days

Beats For Love is the gathering place for electro fans from all over the Czech Republic. 

Formed in 2013, the festival is held annually in the first week of July.

The festival is located at the unique site of Dolní Vítkovice, a former industrial area used to coal mining and producing iron, to the east of Ostrava, in eastern Czech Republic.

Beats For Love festival is home to a range of genres that caters to any electronic music aficionado. The festival has everything from drum and bass to techno.

Besides its unique location, Beats For Love has hosted award-winning DJs like Galantis and Roger Sanchez. Since it has been previously nominated for the European Festival Awards in 2017, festival-goers can expect one of the best parties in the country.

Beats For Love 2022’s edition dates are 1-4 July, 2022. Go get your Beats For Love tickets on Soundclub, the social app for live music experiences covering +2,000 international festivals.

Beats For Love lineup will include +50 artists. Among Beats For Love headliners to look for we can find Armin van Buuren, Alan Walker, Lost Frequencies, Timmy Trumpet, and Vini Vici.

Here’s everything you need to know about Beats For Love.

Highlights from Beats For Love 2019 | © BEATS FOR LOVE FESTIVAL / Youtube

1. The festival takes place at a former coal mine

Party in a unique industrial setting at Dolní Vítkovice | © / Facebook

The Beats for Love festival is held at Dolní Vítkovice, an industrial heritage site once used to coal mining and producing iron for over 150 years. Situated in the center of Ostrava, the area has now become a unique location for social and artistic events.

Dolní Vítkovice is a cultural district that has become a hotbed not just for musicians but also graphic artists, sculptors, and concert lovers.

2. The festival offers a wide array of electronic music subgenres

Black Sun Empire playing at Beats For Love 2021 | © fishmean TV / Youtube

There’s a lot to explore in the world of electronic hits. Beats for Love makes sure audiences can get a taste of all the different electronic music subgenres with its array of unique stages.

If you’re into pumping bass sounds, visit the Drum and Bass Stage to see artists like Black Sun Empire and Buunshin. In the mood for some reggae? Check out Vandal and Jacky Murdae on the Reggae 2 Jungle Stage.

Whether it’s electro-swing, hardcore, or techno, there are tons of DJs you can groove to at the festival.

3. The number of stages keeps changing at Beats For Love

One of the many electrifying stages at Beats For Love | © / Facebook

Throughout the years, Beats For Love keeps changing its stages to host the number of performers selected for each year.

When the festival started in 2013, there were only six stages for 200 artists. By 2019, there were 14 stages showcasing more than 400 artists.

But during the festival’s 2021 edition, Beats For Love reduced the number of stages to only two, due to COVID-19. As for the 2022 edition of Beats For Love, the festival reverted to nine stages.

4. Beats For Love won the bestCoolfest awards

Beats For Love festival won first place in the bestCoolfest awards in 2016 and 2017.

It seems like the festival is leveling up its game each year – two years prior to this achievement, the festival won second place at the same awards.

Beats For Love was the recipient of the bestCoolfest awards for three years | ©

The bestCoolfest awards are organized by Prima Cool. The idea is to map out the best cultural and sports events of the summer in the Czech Republic. These awards are handed out based on the online votes of festival-goers.

Speaking of awards, Beats For Love was also nominated for the European Festival Awards 2017. The festival competed with Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, and Sziget for the category of Best Major Festival.

5. Beats for Love sold out their tickets two years in a row

Beats For Love 2019 managed to sell out all of its tickets | © / Facebook

Beats For Love began in 2013, with headliners like Matrix and Futurebound, John B, and Takaaki Itoh. During its inaugural event, the festival attracted a humble 25,000 festival-goers.

Beats For Love’s attendance continued to grow over the following years. But it was only in 2016 when the festival sold out all 42,000 tickets. This happened again when it managed to sell out for two consecutive years – 2018 and 2019

6. Beats For Love was the first festival to bring Galantis to the Czech Republic

Galantis hyping up the Beats For Love crowd in 2018 | © fishmean TV / Youtube

In 2018, Beats For Love invited Galantis, the Swedish DJ and producer duo, famous for their hits No Money and Peanut Butter Jelly. It was also Galantis’ first performance in the Czech Republic.

Galantis, who has two studio albums and a Grammy nomination to his name, worked the Love Stage with other incredible artists, like the award-winning Roger Sanchez and Alan Walker.

7. You can camp out on the Beats For Love festival grounds

Camp out at the festival’s Love Camp or Love Village | ©

Sick of staying in hotels? The Beats For Love festival offers visitors the chance to camp out on their festival grounds: Love Camp and Love Village.

For Love Camp, you will need to bring your own tent, camping mat, sleeping bag, and other camping essentials. Meanwhile, Love Village provides you with a five-day rent of a large tent and entrance for five to eight festival-goers.

Whether you’re sleeping at Love Camp or Love Village, you’ll be provided with amenities like 24-hour reception, access to the Love Pub, and a store selling common items.

8. Festival-goers can chill at the VIP Zones

Feeling indulgent? Beats For Love has got you covered. The festival has a couple of VIP zones for you to have a more comfortable experience watching the performances.

There are three VIP zones available: Love Stage, Gong, and Walkway Under the Furnace.

Enjoy the night at the Love Stage VIP zone | ©

Love Stage consists of a massive tribune with a terrace and tent situated close to the stage. With plush seats, a large bar, and attentive hostesses, this is a full-on VIP experience.

Meanwhile, the Gong zone is a multifunctional auditorium where you can relax and unwind as you marvel at its distinct architectural design. If you want to watch the Beats For Love festival from above, away from the  crowds of people dancing below, the Walkway Under the Furnace zone will come to your rescue.

9. Beats for Love donated over US$13,500 to Strom Života

Beats For Love is dedicated to local philanthropy | © / Facebook

Charity is a big part of Beats For Love. In 2018, the festival organizers donated 300,000 Kč (approx. USD$ 13,500) to Strom Života, a mobile hospice that takes care of individuals in the final stages of incurable illnesses.

But the donation wouldn’t have been possible without its festival-goers, who contributed with $ 6,672.07 through public collection. The funds were used to purchase medical supplies and improve the hospice.

Previously, Beats For Love donated$ 1,492.15 to the Ostrava City Hospital’s Department of Cardiology.

Whether you’re into hardstyle or techno, you can expect all sorts of electronic music played by a spectacular DJ lineup at Beats For Love festival. So, what are you waiting for, hurry up and get your tickets to this electr madness!


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