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April 22, 2022
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Get into the SoCal beach vibes at BeachLife Festival | ©

Redondo Beach, CA, USA


L – 5k-20k

Rock, Reggae, Punk


Local, Live Music, Casual

+3 Days

BeachLife festival is a local festival in California, USA that hosts a lineup of legendary bands and veteran musicians.

The festival was started in 2019 by serial entrepreneur Allen Sanford and businessman Rob Lissner. Set as an annual festival, it is held in the summer days of mid-May.

Drawing thousands of crowds to dip their toes into the sand, the three-day festival is held annually on Redondo Beach, Southern California.

BeachLife Festival takes pride in its local beach culture, which is famous for the prominent punk subculture. But punk isn’t the only genre you can expect from this event. Festival-goers can also look forward to reggae sets, rock bands, and stripped-down acoustic sessions – they are all part of the package.

Attracting 28,500 ticket buyers in 2021, the BeachLife festival is all about putting the spotlight on the SoCal lifestyle. Besides music performances, you can also enjoy meals by celebrated chefs and hang out with seasoned skateboarders and surfers.

BeachLife festival 2022’s edition dates are 13-15 May 2022. Go get your BeachLife festival tickets on Soundclub, the social app for live music experiences covering +2,000 international festivals.

The BeachLife festival lineup will include +50 artists. Among BeachLife festival headliners to look for we can find Weezer, The Smashing Pumpkins, Steve Miller Band, Vance Joy, and Sheryl Crow.

Here’s everything you need to know about BeachLife festival.

Highlights from BeachLife festival 2021 | © BeachLife Festival / Youtube

1. BeachLife festival brings out the best of Southern California culture

At BeachLife festival, you can soak up the SoCal beach lifestyle  | © @BeachLifeFest  / Facebook

BeachLife festival is the epitome of SoCal beach culture. From the ocean waves and the feeling of sand between our toes to the smell of sea salt, the festival aims to bring these idyllic feelings to visitors.

It celebrates the beauty of SoCal culture, and whether you’re a local or new to the place, the event invites everyone to bask in

2. Beachlife festival began in 2019

BeachLife festival was started in 2019 by Allen Sanford and Rob Lissner. A new character joining the team this year is curator Jim Lindberg – punk fans recognize him as the lead singer of Pennywise.

The inaugural festival featured legendary headliners, including country singer Willie Nelson, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, and founding member of The Grateful Dead, Bob Weir.

The 2019 festival brought in an impressive 27,500 visitors over the three-day event. This number continued to increase in the second BeachLife Festival edition, which attracted 28,500 ticket buyers.

A recap from Beachlife festival 2019 | © BeachLife Festival / Youtube

3. The festival is more than just punk rock

Alternative hip-hop band G. Love & Special Sauce hyping up the crowd | © @BeachLifeFest  / Facebook

It’s no secret that beach culture is well-known for its punk scene, since it has iconic bands like Black Flag and Pennywise at its core. With Jim being the curator for the BeachLife festival, there was a lot of gossip about him bringing a lot of punk into the setlists. But that wasn’t the case.

Since he was responsible for the festival’s SpeakEasy Stage, Jim introduced a mix of music genres that reflected the SoCal chill vibes. Thanks to his input, you can expect punk, indie, and ska musicians taking the stage.

Beach culture is more than just punk. It’s also hanging out at the beach with  family or surfing with  friends. Festival-goers can look forward to a more inclusive and family-friendly atmosphere, with jam bands, nostalgic new wave tunes, and contemporary alt-rock.

4. Hang out with SoCal bands at the Speakeasy Stage

BeachLife festival’s Speakeasy Stage is an edgy festival experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Presented by Jack Daniels, the stage features SoCal punk rockers like Art Alexakis from Everclear and Lagwagon’s Joey Cape. The icing on the cake is their performance of acoustic sets in a more intimate atmosphere – smells like that VIP feeling.

At the Speakeasy Stage, besides  watching these musicians, you can also share stories with veteran skaters and surfers like Steve Caballero and Tom Curren. The Punk Rock & Paintbrushes exhibition also showcases artwork and photography from local musicians and artists.

Watch acoustic sets at BeachLife festival’s Speakeasy Stage | © @BeachLifeFest / Facebook

5. Bob Marley’s children headlined the festival in 2021

Star kids Stephen and Ziggy Marley, children of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, headlined BeachLife festival in 2021.

The multi-Grammy-winning duo sang a selection of their late father’s hits during the 90-minute show. Their setlist featured hits like Positive Vibration, Could You Be Loved, One Love, and No Woman, No Cry.

Supported by Stephen and Ziggy’s backup singers, which included  their mother, Rita Marley, their performance struck a chord with people who underwent hard times during the pandemic.

Stephen and Ziggy Marley singing One Love at BeachLife festival | © Mark Drakk / Youtube

6. Enjoy a highly-curated dining menu at Daou SideStage Experience

The Daou SideStage Experience is a unique way to watch the BeachLife festival. Set on the side of the stage, you can enjoy your favorite bands while relishing  delicious meals cooked by celebrated chefs.

The 50-seat, high-end dining event is a one-of-a-kind festival experience that showcases Californian restaurant talents. Look forward to chefs like Ray Hayashi bringing in Japanese-Taiwanese flavors, Kevin Meehan’s Michelin-starred culinary acumen, and BeachLifes’ very own Jacob Ramos.

Enjoy restaurant meals right on the side of the stage with the Daou SideStage Experience | © @BeachLifeFest / Facebook

7. The festival raked in millions for South Bay’s economy

The success of BeachLife festival is thanks to their thousands of festival-goers | © @BeachLifeFest  / Facebook

The success of BeachLife festival brought a huge economic impact to the South Bay. Generating millions in 2021, the three-day festival garnered more than$9.1 million for  the local economy, $2.5 million more than what they earned in 2019. Redondo Beach benefited most from the festival, receiving$8.4 million out of the staggering $9.1 million.

8. Beachlife festival protects beach culture through philanthropy

BeachLife festival doesn’t just promote the local music scene. The festival also dedicates its time to protecting its local beaches and ocean waters. The committee has been working together with organizations that share their vision of sustaining the beach culture.

These philanthropic non profit organizations include The Redondo Beach Police Foundation, Surfrider Foundation, South Bay Parkland Conservancy, and more. If you would like to donate to one of their causes, you can do so online.

Surfrider Foundation is one of the organizations Beachlife Festival supports  | © @surfrider / Facebook

9. BeachLife festival is a walking distance away from the nearest hotel

The outside of Sonesta Redondo Beach | ©

Are you coming from out of town? BeachLife festival is home to a range of local hotels you can stay in.

If you’re looking for a place just across the street from the festival, Sonesta Redondo Beach is your best option. Other recommendations would be the Sea Sprite Hotel or the upscale Terranea Resort.

If the options above don’t meet your taste, you can visit the Redondo Beach Tourism Board to find other hotel options .

10. It’s best not to bring a car to BeachLife festival

Parking is going to be difficult during the BeachLife festival. Instead of driving, festival-goers are advised to walk, skate, or bike to the event. 

The festival does not control the public parking lots on Redondo Beach. While parking lots are available at or near the festival, they come on a first-come, first-served basis. This also applies to ADA (American Disabilities Act) parking spaces, which are only available in a limited amount.

It’s best to walk to the BeachLife festival | © @BeachLifeFest / Facebook

Soak up the sun rays, feel the ocean breeze, and rock out to bands like Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins at BeachLife festival.


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