All About Amsterdam Open Air Festival

April 22, 2022
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A spectacular night at Amsterdam Open Air | © @AmsterdamOpenAir / Facebook

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands


XL – 20k-50k

Electronic, Pop, Latin


Casual, Alternative, International

2 Days

Amsterdam Open Air festival is an electronic music festival, which brings together outstanding music, sumptuous food, and terrific visual aesthetics under the same sky.

Opening to music enthusiasts in 2011, the festival was introduced by some of the finest promoters in Amsterdam – touted as a “collaboration of friends” – and ever since, it has been one of the leading music festivals in the city.

Adding musical vibes to summers, it is an annual festival taking place in Gaasperpark – a tranquil lakeside park in the south-east of Amsterdam. It is a two-day festival held in the beginning of June. 

The festival is known for showcasing the latest in electronic and underground music, promoting upcoming artists, while regaling crowds with top international names.

Amsterdam Open Air festival 2022 edition’s dates are 4-5 June, 2022. Go get your Amsterdam Open Air festival tickets on Soundclub, the social app for live music experiences covering +2,000 international festivals.

Amsterdam Open Air festival’s lineup will include +100 artists. Among Amsterdam Open Air festival’s top musicians to look for, we can find Lady Bee, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, and Tchami.

Here’s everything you need to know about Amsterdam Open Air festival 2022.

Calling one and all to Amsterdam Open Air 2022! | © Amsterdam Open Air / YouTube

1. Amsterdam Open Air festival is a celebration of electronic music

Showcasing the raddest names in electronic music, Amsterdam Open Air festival is a raver’s delight. Feel the beats of techno, tech-house, dubstep and deep-house pulsate across the festival arena. It has been the playground for the likes of Joris Voorn, Chris Stussy, and Wouter S.

An electrifying show by Reinier Zonneveld in 2019 | © @amsterdamopenair / Instagram

2. Amsterdam Open Air festival has 10 stages

open air festival
The stages at AOA are a riot of colors and diverse music | © @AmsterdamOpenAir / Facebook

Spanning across two days, Amsterdam Open Air festival ensures that your appetite for music overflows. And it does just that with its 10 excellent stages. Now we know what the old “strong essence, small bottle” mantra comes from.

Keeping up with its friendship spirit ethos, there is no main stage at the festival. While electronic music is the dominating beat, you are in for a variety at each of the different platforms. Enjoy the finest pieces in Afro, Latin, Pop, Urban, House, and Techno at the different arenas.

3. Amsterdam Open Air 2022 will be the festival’s 10th anniversary

amsterdam open air festival 2021
Prepare for some wild festivity on this 10th anniversary | © @amsterdamopenair / Instagram

Skipping 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Amsterdam Open Air festival will celebrate 10 years of bringing joyful tunes to music lovers this year. Get your festive best on as this is going to be one helluva mad bash. Expect to see fun collabs from top-notch Dutch musicians, artists, fashionistas, and culinary masters.

4. AOA joined hands with Unmute Us to unshackle music festivals

COVID-19 was a bummer alright! And in more ways than one. The music festival scene in the Netherlands was no doubt ass-whooped, leading the festival’s community to be up in arms.

August 2021 saw Amsterdam Open Air festival unite with over 350 music event organizations in a protest march labeled “Unmute Us”. It was to voice out their disapproval of the government restrictions upon the music community, which was ravaged by the pandemic.

Fast forward to 2022, there are some good tidings! The Dutch government announced recently that festivals can go ahead without any restrictions. Time to let the music play!

amsterdam open air
For the love of music | © @amsterdamopenair / Instagram

5. Amsterdam Open Air festival promotes fashion

Amsterdam Open Air festival is a trendsetter not just in music, but in stylish clothing as well. The festival collaborates with artists and musicians from the industry to ramp up festive fashion. But it doesn’t stop there – the festival also produces sustainable fashion wear under its label. Need some festive wardrobe inspo? Follow AOA’s social media feeds

DJ Alexia Glensy gives a sneak peek of her AOA apparel | © @amsterdamopenair / Instagram

6. Amsterdam Open Air festival does its bit for the environment

open air amsterdam
Hardcups to the rescue! | © @amsterdamopenair / Instagram

If you don’t love nature then what are you? Part of what makes Amsterdam Open Air festival lovable is its efforts towards curbing waste. The festival uses only hardcups in order to reduce plastic waste. In 2018, the festival claimed to have saved 9.1 kgs of plastic. It also asks festival-goers to return their used cups and bottles to the bar. Now that’s another way to drink responsibly.

7. Amsterdam Open Air festival is meat-free

Doubling up on their service to the planet, and love for life, Amsterdam Open Air festival vowed to be meat-free from its last edition in 2019. Reducing its carbon footprint, the festival will be helping out in saving large amounts of carbon, water, and land by enabling 40,000 festival-attendees to go meatless during the festival days. Inspired to take it beyond the festival? 

open air festival 2022
Don’t worry, the mouthwatering vegetarian menu will satiate even carnivores! | © @amsterdamopenair / Instagram

8. Camping at AOA is an experience on its own

AOA festival
Who’s ready for the best camping weekend of the year? | © amsterdamopenair / Instagram

Though the Amsterdam Open Air festival is a two-day event, you can camp for up to four days at the festival premises of Gaasperpark. Thanks to the range of fun activities, you can be assured of having oodles of fun beyond the music. From dancing your heart out at a silent disco to lounging by the lake Gaasperplas, this is one extended weekend of pure merriment!

9. Shop like crazy at the festival markets

In need of retail therapy to drive away the COVID blues? What’s better than collecting wacky stuff at a music festival? Amsterdam Open Air festival has a thriving colorful market selling cool quirky stuff. From artsy outfits to chunky metallic jewelry, you are festival-ready right here.

Come to the festival empty-handed and go back with bags full! | © @amsterdamopenair / Instagram

10. AOA invites artists to hold workshops

AOA helps share the love of art | © @amsterdamopenair / Instagram

In keeping with the spirit of upholding music and culture, Amsterdam Open Air festival welcomes artists from all spheres to share their knowledge. Whether you create fine art, sculptures, graffiti, or metal works,you can contact the festival to hold a session to talk about your creative art and display your work.

Electrifying music, a lively atmosphere, and gobs of fun await you at Amsterdam Open Air festival. The most splendid way to spend your Summer 2022, make sure to bring your buddies and a cheerful spirit for a riveting weekend at Gaasperpark.


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