5 Reasons to Download a Festival Discovery App

From advanced filtering to multiple ticket options, it’s a must have
May 01, 2022
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It’s that time of the year again – festival season is upon us. As the sunbeams are bashfully peeking out from the clouds, festival-goers dust their dancing sneakers off while hunting for that cut-price ticket deal. This is how multi-tasking revelers get when they see a festival lineup popping on their social media feeds. 

But frankly, the knotty process of doing your research, picking the festival you really vibe with and purchasing the best ticket deal can leave you feeling washed-out. 

So when you decide on your next move with the festival gang group chat, you’d need a full-on encyclopedia about when, where, and why that would ideally – and unrealistically – fit inside your jeans’ pocket. 

Good thing festival discovery apps are a download away.

1. Filter, filter, filter 

Okay, you spent the last half of an hour surfing Google for your ideal festival. You came back from your frenetic hunt with not one, but 20-something festivals. It sounds like good tidings, but when put in practice, a long options list will morph into a double-edged sword. 

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Imagine spending countless hours researching each festival online – do you really want to devote way too much of your precious time to the mighty Google? Of course you don’t.

In the midst of this existential crisis, you will daydream about stumbling upon Genie’s lamp. 

Your three wishes? Unlimited supply of canned beers for life, phone battery that never dies, and the holy filtering button when you scan the internet for the next festival to hit. 

We’ll see what the Genie can do about the first two – because festival apps took care of the third. So breathe in, breathe out and cherish the unique opportunity of focusing on what you really want from a festival. 

Do you want to dip your toes into the arid sand while listening to Lost Frequencies’ clean beat drop?

There are filtering options for that. Or maybe you’re more of a laid-back party animal who would pick folk-imbued tempos and bottled cider over bulletproof techno and double G&T anyday. We’re pretty sure there is a “perfect for relaxing” filtering button that awaits to be ticked. 

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From music genre and location to pricing and duration, festival discovery apps deliver a digital realm where the only thing that reigns is your personal liking.

2. You love getting a lot of info in one place and quickly – you just don’t know it yet

We’ve ticked filtering off the list – but would this refining tool make any sense if the app wouldn’t be soaked in more festival information than the human brain can assimilate?

The short answer is no. The long answer takes us all the way back to that nerve-racking Google research process. Nobody wants to check gobs of online sources for the sake of knowing it all. Nothing is more off-putting than having to do more than five clicks in the same 10 seconds. 

© Soundclub App / Google Play Store
© Soundclub App / Google Play Store

Thank God for festival finder apps because having one at your fingertips is synonymous with carrying a booklet. Not just any booklet – but a comprehensive guide whose mission is to tell the story of a festival from the very beginning to the very end.

And they don’t stop at giving you hundreds of festivals to browse through. At the end of the day, festival apps’ highest priority is to fulfill partygoers’ practical needs – and there is nothing more practical than knowing a festival inside-out.

From basic info such as the line-up and location to getting down to the nitty-gritty with live festival updates, discovery apps haven’t missed any chapter when it comes to festival narratives. Everything you need is right in the palm of your hand. 

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But festival discovery apps don’t stop there – they might be the ultimate cure for the highly contagious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

This form of loss aversion will give you the yucky feeling of wishing for an Armin Van Buuren mosh pit to crush you while you are at a hip-hop festival on the other side of the continent. You can kiss this festival blues goodbye because discovery apps put hundreds of events at the convenience of your fingertips. 

4. Not one, not two, but a bundle of ticket options 

© Soundclub App / Google Play Store

We’ve all been there. When we sense the Summer of Love season brewing, our minds get hazy enough to think securing the first ticket option we stumble upon is acceptable. 

In the aftermath of the buying tickets process, our whole being is pulsating with inescapable excitement – until days after, when we randomly come across a cheaper option.

Yep, we’ve pretty much paid a few tens of dollars extra for nada – the most frustrating feeling a festie can experience.

But when you have a festival discovery app downloaded on the phone, those days are doomed to become sepia history.

Those digital tools integrate price testing for each festival – meaning that they will give you a bundle of ticket seller options. Now you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you bagged the best ticket deal. 

4. Info has never been easier to grasp

In a utopian universe, you wouldn’t have to skim through that cryptic wall of text – that, by the way, is crammed on an interface that’s anything but user-friendly. When things are simple, they are easier to grasp. And festival discovery apps know that too well. 

That’s why most of them keep it short and sweet when breaking down the festival info overview. Easily digestible chunks, convenient categorizations, and information immediacy are part of the package.

Everything is enhanced with an intuitive digital layout that you can navigate smoothly even if you discovered the internet, like, yesterday.

© Soundclub App / Google Play Store
© Soundclub App / Google Play Store

Festival discovery apps are pros at delivering the essential facts without all the frills. At the top of the information hierarchy, there are general facts, such as the date and location.

Dive deeper into the sea of information by scrolling, and you will also become more knowledgeable about more in-depth information, such as the line-up and amenities.

5. The ultimate timesaver 

The mighty mobile device has morphed into the festie’s contemporary Swiss army knife. Its necessity hails from one thing. Festivalgoers don’t hate anything more than wasting time with things that could be completed in five minutes – with the help of some tech magic spells, that is.

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And nothing screams “timesaver” more than an app where you find the answers to all of the questions you posed – or didn’t even think about. Imagine all of the precious hours you’d save if you had all the information a festival animal needs in one place. 

Now go and make it a reality by pressing the download button – your future festie self will deffo thank you. 


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