Waterfall Party Koh Phangan

August 30, 2022
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party at Waterfall Party Koh Phangan
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Koh Phangan, Thailand

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k




Casual, International


Waterfall Party is a semi-outdoor nightclub with a festive atmosphere and psychedelic decor.

The nightclub is on Ban Tai Beach, southern Koh Phangan. Waterfall Party boasts luscious plants, colorful artwork, neon lights, patterned ceiling decorations, and a spacious dance floor.

When it comes to music, Waterfall Party focuses on electronic beats, including drum and bass, EDM, house, techno, and minimal. It regularly features pyro dancers that get the crowd fired up. The club is popular amongst tourists looking for wild nightlife.

The club has established itself as a staple nightlife spot in Koh Phangan with its exotic ambiance and heart-thumping music.

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