The Office Bar San Diego

August 02, 2022
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party at The Office Bar San Diego
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San Diego, USA

Bar / Indoor Only / S – 500-2k


Pop, Electronic, Rock


Live Music


The Office Bar is a bar and nightclub for raging after-work parties and happy hour specials so you can spill the (corporate) tea with your co-workers.

Established in 1948, this nightlife venue is one of the longest-running clubs in San Diego. The Office Bar is in the trendy North Park neighborhood east of downtown San Diego, known for its upscale pubs, chic coffee shops, and vibrant nightlife.

The Office Bar features a mid-century modern interior that looks right out of a Mad Men’s episode. The space is divided into three areas: the bar, the dance floor, and the lounge area with high-top tables and black leather booths.

The San Diego nightclub falls in the multi-genre category from reggae to rock, hip-hop to electronic. Featuring stellar live performances by artists from various musical styles, The Office Bar has themed nights dedicated to specific genres.

From locals to tourists, The Office Bar is the gathering spot for the city’s passionate music lovers to watch their favorite artists perform.

While the rest of the city winds down, parties at The Office Bar are only revving up.

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