The Block Tel Aviv

July 20, 2022
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party at The Block Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv, Israel

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500






The Block is evocative of Berlin’s spirit of techno with its emphasis on sound quality, safe space partying, and a no-recording policy. It is a pillar in the electronic music scene and a hub for up-and-coming and veteran DJs where party-goers head for an intensive techno experience.

Founded in 2008 by Yaron Trax, The Block opened its doors on Shlomo Road in Yafo, an ancient port city on the Mediterranean northwest of Jerusalem. Inside an abandoned bus station, lies one of the world’s most acclaimed clubs. The Block has four partitions: Block – Yard – Squat – Lounge, each with a different artist playing. The Block serves as a labyrinth of tunes and melodies where you can get lost to find yourself again.

The club endeavors to create an unparalleled sound experience and has done so successfully. By installing a custom-made analog DJ mixer and sound system, The Block gets a nod from industry titans such as Gilles Petersons.

The Block is wildly popular for its home-grown and international acts with headliners such as Tale of Us and David August. With guaranteed top-notch musical escapades and unmatched sound quality, young locals and non-locals haunt the club for a memorable experience and an undeniably impressive party story.

The Block is what materializes when passion meets entrepreneurship and has since become the place to explore an array of electronic music sub-genres.

© @musumecirules / Instagram


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