The Avenue Dubai

June 24, 2022
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party at The Avenue Dubai
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Dubai, UAE

Club / Indoor / S – 500-2k


Hip-Hop, R&B


Live music, Upscale


Unsure about what kind of night to choose for partying in Dubai? Head to The Avenue, which has combined authentic Emirati vibes with world entertainment under one roof.

The Dubai nightclub was established in 2021 in the Shangri-La hotel. The Avenue spans two floors, with striking light installations that add an allure to the club. Modernly decorated with an undeniable air of luxury, The Avenue establishes itself as an extravagant addition to Dubai nightlife. 

Playing a combination of Afro-beats, hip-hop, and Arabic sounds, The Avenue strikes a perfect balance between maintaining Dubai’s heritage with contemporary tunes. Stunning visuals and entertainment performers are the cherry on top at the invigorating club. 

A crowd of young locals and tourists head to The Avenue for its fusion of cultures. You can mingle with fashionable party-hoppers at this Dubai nightclub. 

If you’re too intimated by Gulf clubs but still crave a taste of the ‘khaleeji’ life, head to The Avenue for unparalleled Dubai nightlife festivities. 

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